Berger Products - Interior Emulsions
The very name silk conveys soft to touch & feel, high sheen, aesthetics and premiumness. Hence to consumers Silk a symbol of refined taste, lifestyle and class . All of which come alive in Berger Silk - the first luxury emulsion introduced in India. Silk is considered as a niche brand among the range of Berger products. It represents premiumness, sheen, smoothness and colour which brings alive both the rich luxurious smooth feel of silk on the walls as well the premium silk lifestyle.
Breathe Easy
Breathe Easy’ is the only paint which leaves no smell after painting. It has been certified by Green Label Committee of Singapore Environment & Health Safety Standards as eco-friendly and healthy. Additionally, it is highly cleanable and resistant to fungus growth. All this and its impeccable sheen, make it a truly innovative product in premium interior emulsion segment.
Rangoli Easy Clean
Rangoli Easy Clean emulsion consists of special varieties of polymers and colourants. Its balanced composition and additives provide minimum porosity. As the emulsion is easy to clean, it maintains its new look for years. Rangoli Easy Clean is the best option for excellent finish at a reasonable price.
Rangoli Super Acrylic Emulsion
Rangoli Super Acrylic Emulsion is made of unique forms of co-polymers and pigments available. These ingredients along with exclusive additives provide an optimum dispersion level. It gives a rich matt effect and gives a superior covering when applied for interior walls with stain guard technology.
Bison Acrylic Emulsion
Berger’s Bison Acrylic Emulsion has a smooth and stylish matt finish, making it an ideal choice for the price conscious customer. It has twice the durability of distemper and is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces. Made up of special colour fast pigments with excellent anti-fading properties, it comes in a range of 10,000 shades.