Berger Products - Designer Finishes
Illusions is a unique product in its lifestyle portfolio which is designed to inspire its customers to paint their imagination. The ultimate in stylish and modern living, the interior wall paints enliven spaces with their fascinating patterns created with internationally designed tools and techniques. Illusions includes designer wall finishes from Imagine, Metallica and Marble.
Illusions Imagine
Imagine includes a range of slow drying emulsions in non-metallic and smooth textures. The emulsions allow customization and their unique cross linking polymers make the designs washable and easy to maintain.
Besides walls, the Metallica range of luxurious designer finishes which is non-blackening, is perfect for surfaces in metal and wood. With its two basic colours, gold and silver, a myriad metallic shades can be created.
Marble is a range that offers a wide variety of textures and colours in three finishes – satin, matt and gloss. Being 100% washable walls painted with Illusions Marble retain their gloss even after being cleaned.