Berger Products - Exterior Emulsions
WeatherCoat All Guard
Silicon based paint with enhanced water resistance; WeatherCoat All Guard, a Premium Plus Exterior Wall Paint, is the first paint in the industry to use the Silicon Technology. Silicon is a powdered chemical which when added to paint imparts visible water repellency to the paint film and water rolls of it keeping your house 100% rain proof. Moreover, it comes with a 7-year warranty.
WeatherCoat Smooth
WeatherCoat exterior emulsion paint made of unique pigments and additives, can withstand extreme weather conditions. Further more, it has a unique feature called “one way barrier” which enables the wall to breathe out moisture. It also comes with the highest sheen from among its compatriots with Heat Resisting technology that keeps your house upto 5 degrees cooler.
WeatherCoat Longlife
WeatherCoat Longlife, a premium plus acrylic paint for exterior walls, with its Elastomeric property, ensures that the paint film stretches to cover hairline cracks thus ensuring that walls a look new for longer. The paint is suitable for buildings with hairline crack problems and structures in high rainfall areas where water seepage occurs through hairline cracks.
WeatherCoat Tile Protektor
WeatherCoat Tile Protektor is a tough, super protective 100% acrylic latex paint specially formulated for tiles and bricks. It is highly water resistant and protects tiles/bricks from dampness, algae and fungi caused by lashing/heavy rain. Its unique latex formulation gives tiles a long lasting new look.
Berger’s Walmasta is a-100% water based paint. Made of suitable pigments, it is ideal for dry climates. It has higher resistance to cracking and its matt finish makes it a less expensive alternative to cement paint.