Dulux - Interior Products
Magik Smooth Acrylic Finish
Magik Smooth Acrylic Finish Distemper is a water based distemper For all types of normal interior masonry surfaces. It is made available in an exhaustive shade range and provides a smooth and durable mall finish on the applied surfaces. Improved extender combination that gives the surface an excellent smooth finish, superior to an ordinary distemper finish.Superior colour delivery with brighter and cleaner shades for beautiful walls.Faster application with lesser effort due to the improved ease of brushability.
Dulux Velvet Touch
Put luxury on your walls with the unique glow and finish of Velvet Touch. The new range of six exquisite colour palettes captures the essence of some of the world's most exciting destinations. So you can recreate them right in your home. Velvet Touch has ViviD which give rich colours with great sheenVelvet Touch luxury emulsion also provides fungus and stain resistanceSo your home stays beautiful for years to come.
Dulux Super Smooth
Dulux Super Smooth Premium Emulsion is a water based, high quality durable and washable emulsion with a Rich matt finish. It is suitable for all normal interior masonry surface including particle board, fiber and insulation board.
Dulux - Exterior Products
Dulux WeatherShield Max
Ordinary exterior emulsions cannot protect exterior walls from patches of dampness, algae, and fungus caused by rain. Dulux WeatherShield Max is especially formulated to give long lasting protection and beautiful looks
  • Elastic Latex film covers hairline cracks
  • Water resistant paint film protects from dampness
  • Special paint preservatives fight algae and fungus
  • Latex enriched formula gives a long lasting glow to your exterior walls
Dulux WeatherShield
Dulux Weather Shield is a revolutionary new exterior paint, which can reduce the surface temperature of walls by upto* 5 degrees Celsius, keeping your homes cooler and more comfortable. The Solar reflectance index (SRI) of this paint is double* compared to regular exterior paints, reducing the heat build up inside the house.
  • Keeps your homes upto 5 degrees cooler
  • Tested by Centre of Energy Studies and Research(CESR)
  • International quality pigments that resists fading
  • Superior resin that resists cracking cracking and peeling
Dulux TileShield
Ordinary exterior paints cannot protect sloping tile roofs and exterior brick walls from algae and fungus attack. TileShield is specially formulated to give long -lasting protection and beautiful looks.
  • Tough water repellant paint film, protects from rain
  • Special preservatives fight algae & fungus
  • Latex - enriched formula gives long-lasting glow to tiles & bricks
  • Not recommended for use over glazed tiles
Dulux Promise
Dulux Promise has an unique formulation that ensures easy application, bright and non-fading colours and long lasting protection against harsh weather conditions. In effect, it will give your home a long lasting and beautiful look.
  • Dulux Promise has Colour Guard Technology that gives rich, non-fading colours
  • STAR Technology gives walls extra hardness and long lasting protection